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commented 2017-01-27 21:22:15 +0000
I am sure that I am not the first (or even tenth) person to highlight my concerns about the homeless people sleeping rough in the tunnels of Gants Hill Station.

I am emailing you predominantly out of concern for the welfare of these individuals. What is being done to help them?

While I appreciate that some may regard this as a local matter to be dealt with by the Council but given the increase in homelessness nationally, I feel this is a matter to be addressed on a National level.
commented 2016-09-02 20:28:17 +0100
I have already contacted the council regarding the road works resulting in traffic problems at Hainault station. As well as the hold up in traffic the bus stops in both directions have been closed and will remain so for four weeks!Little or no work seems to be being done on a day to day basis. Surely more manpower could have been allocated to make the job shorter.My walking disability means me walking a difficult length of a stop morning and afternoon.How can the Water Board be allowed to disrupt peoples life for such a time and in such a way.
commented 2016-08-26 11:14:02 +0100
Street litter bins not been emptied since Monday

They are overflowing people are adding rubbish to the area

If it was me as a business owner I would be fined
commented 2016-08-02 17:19:13 +0100
Dear Wes,

I wish meet your about a school allocation issue with the red-bridge council primary school allocation policy. I have serious concerns about the data protection and internal place allocations

I will appreciate if you can give me time in person please.

Thank you

Kind regards

Sohail Akram
commented 2016-08-01 19:40:24 +0100
London City Airport
commented 2016-07-17 20:40:39 +0100
Hi Wes I fled domestic abuse on 27/05/16, from my family my address was 175 Woodford Avenue, Ilford, IG4 5LH. I called police on the day and they took me away from situation. Then a few days later my family text me saying we didn’t know you were unhappy but they did I tried everything. I begged, explained and cried but nobody seemed to care. Not even my mum. I know my siblings are selfish apart from two disabled ones but I didn’t expect this from my mum that’s what hurt me most. You tell me if my own family did this to me who can I trust. I know I made the right decision. Because I tried everything to explain. The family played mind games, intimidated me and it reach to stage mum was taking the man’s family’s side and started hitting when I experienced this I felt like I was going to go mad and said this is enough why shall I ruin my life for family who are doing everything to destroy me and always puts me down saying I don’t have a life and I will thank them in the future. They are doing everything in their power to destroy me. They called me all sorts of names failure, dumb, waste of space this is what I deserve. On the day my mum even said she should have cut my neck off my dad was right. Because I remember on the day 27 may 2016 around 8am mum was having conversation with man or his family you can marry her in hotel in Pakistan then you can do what you want to her. One my mum keeps lying and covering them up she told me I will not marry him but she’s saying something completely different to them why?, and why can they do what they want to me – I am not an object i have rights. I knew from this day if my mum really loved me she wouldn’t have said this all day I was thinking about this. Then when I got home at 7pm mum was acting strange this is when she started questing and hitting me I made my decision in matter of seconds I am not standing for this. I know now mum was selling me for money to sort out her problems but this isn’t right at all I was shattered. I don’t know if I will be able to trust anyone blindly again. Like I trusted her. But I am lucky because residents told me there was a lady who went through similar situation when she got married her in laws and family didn’t give her an extra penny and searched her here in UK when sending her out so she can’t escape, her husband beated, starved and raped her it’s disgusts me. And when she told her family they said she has to adapt like they had to.

This is just a glimpse of my story, please keep this confidential yep I have given examples of other people’s lives to demonstrate how grateful I am that I managed to escape the situation in time.

I remember so much happened in such little time they cornered me and blocked my exit to escape. They looked all the doors because I aimed for the front door it was looked at this time mum grabbed my hair again and pushed me down but my siblings told her be careful if I have any marks or bruises I could get her arrested. My siblings tried everything saying your rescuers aren’t coming, they will just take your statement and leave you on the road. Then when we get hold of you we will sort you out properly. They said nobody will help me. This is when I really started getting scared because the police did take a while to come but a resident here told me I should have phoned domestic violence then they phone the police but I didn’t know that.

When I explained this to the police they didn’t understand, I gave my witness statement a few days later. I made decision not to press charges because my brothers the master mind. And i just hope mum see’s what she did was wrong one day but i know this for a fact that i can never forgive them never. I am too scared of them. They will play with head again. I told them on the they can forget they had a daughter or sister called sanah because I have had enough of this stupid family. My family have controlled me from a little age of 6 years and they always told me it’s because I am dumb, useless and the words go on. And I will not be able to cope with the real world because everyone’s evil. That I am not clever enough like my siblings I was always told I am not good enough and I can’t be good enough. This hurt me so much I always thought they were right because they were my family. My sisters were allowed to attend after school clubs I wasn’t because I remember my brother slapped me when I was 14 years for coming late from school I told him I was in detention ask my head of year my family never believed me. So I started bunking, got involved with wrong people because I didn’t have the facilities or support to do well. My family didn’t care if I did well. Because I never had time to do my homework always had to do housework and help with disabled ones because that’s more important everyone would take their anger out on me because I was the quiet one who never told anyone. I remember mum you to leave dad home when we first moved here to pick up disabled ones from bus. I was only in year 7 or year 8 if I got distracted or something he would beat me.

I even remember him beating me in primary school so many times because he wasn’t happy with me. This is what made me into quiet, timid person. I wasn’t always like that I remember when I was 5 years I was really out spoken I said whatever I believed I wasn’t scared until I started getting beaten to behave the expected way. There’s so much abuse but I thought I deserved this because my family always told me they are doing the right thing to protect me. But now I know what they did wasn’t love it was control they probably never loved me it was all just a show. But I can’t speak to them they will play games to make me forgive them they have always done this and I was stupid I fell for it. Then they will show their real self when I have fallen for their games.

Now I know it’s abuse because I am doing so much reading on abuse and watching videos listening to others stories to learn as much as I can so I can recognise it and help others. Because nobody deserves this.

I explained the situation to people that guided me and assisted me escape the situation they said my families clever and smart and they used the law to protect themselves and they are right I am just glad there’s one thing that can protect me and that’s this countries law so I realise I lucky I am God has helped me a lot even though I never prayed and thanked God but know I do because I do have my protection order now. Which has stopped my family contacting my contacts trying to find out where I am. They threatened the first contact who reported the matter to the police. But they learnt from this then phoned other contacts pretending to be my cousins saying their concerned about me trying to find out where I am from private I’d, the contacts told them if your her cousin you should know where she is. They told them we know she’s with you and will report you to the police the contact said why are you phoning from private I’d then.

I went with police escorts with my house to pick up my belonging because I luckily got a place at refugee and they are not helping but I am really grateful at least I have a place I was so scared of going homeless. And I would like your assistance to be able to access my belonging because I have really been through a lot of abuse due to my family since a young age I never released I always thought they treated less fairly because I was told by my family constantly on a daily basis that I am failure, waste of space, look at me. I always looked down at myself, I could never be myself my family always told me I was a shame to the family. But I never knew that it would go so far that they would force me to get married.

I am still shocked myself, my mum who I loved, supported and trusted so much was apart of this because she protected me from my dad since my dad was abusive but that doesn’t mean she could control me.

That love and trust shattered in a second on 27/05/16, because I couldn’t believe my mum who i thought about before making every decision put me through this abuse. I don’t know if I will ever be normal.

People ask me what do I like, I say I don’t know. Because I was controlled so much that I was told hobbies and friends aren’t important. I loved working because this was opportunity for me to get some freedom out of the house. Yeah mum did send me to buy some odd things when they run out like milk, bread and eggs. I had my driving lessons and she sent me out at times with disabled ones. If it wasn’t for working I wouldn’t have been able to get advice and find out about my rights. I lied I am going to work but in fact I went to get advice instead.

I know my sister liked my belongings she used to take my things from my wardrobe and then I would see them in her wardrobe and take them back. And it is my right I would like them back because I didn’t eat so I could buy the clothes I wanted because I remember in school everyone would dress I never did and never had money because my family used my account but when I started working I got some money for lunch and food so I didn’t eat and saved this up so I could have clothes I wanted. I hope you understand I worked hard and put my body through a lot to get what I have. And I would like my belonging back.

My family wasn’t supportive so I had to help myself, I even lied to come to your labour meeting I told my mum I was at college because I did evening classes at college and volunteered to help labour where I could because you really demonstrated your committed and different from other politicians so I wanted to do what I could. But I lied so I could do all of this. Nobody knows I did this at my previous address.

My family had my debit card they denied to police they don’t have it they took all money from it so I closed it. In 2015 September mum took 2 mobile contracts out pretending to be me but I never knew this was going to happen to me. One contract got suspended on the day because I tried calling the police again when they were trying to snatch my phone off me because that had all the evidence. I don’t how they suspended the contract so quickly 999 wouldn’t go through. So bill has been increasing since then and I had to sort this out with no forms of support. So I am paying this.

Other mobile contract that my mum was using I informed police told them it’s a lot of money I can’t afford it they advised me to close down the account, but if I choose to allow her to use account I should place a pin so they can’t open another account and monitor the account.

In June when I got my protection order thanks to God and support of the police. My mum stopped paying this bill too. So it has been increasing since then do I payed that using my overdraft but now I am in debt and rely would appreciate your assistance, I didn’t want to tell you about this I tried every avenue I know before coming to you for help. I am not even eating properly because I have the’s debt’s to deal with. I have so many more debts and problems to deal with I know this will not be easy I cry everyday. I know the people here don’t care. But I guess this is my begining to become tough and stonger to survive I just hope I can do it. At times I feel like I am going to go mad because I am trying so hard and nothing seems to work whereas other residents are just relaxed and have their key workers doing everything – I guess their lucky.

Kind Regards,

Sanah Hussain

I would like to speak to you personally if that’s alright, I hope it’s alight if you ask my pin if before speaking to me because I don’t want my family pretending to be me.

Also I am giving wrong address because I am not allowed to give out my address it’s for my protection
commented 2016-05-04 15:47:31 +0100
Could i ask if there’s an update on the issue with Redbridge Roundabout that the Red Rag campaign group have been so pro-active in campaigning about? Will the Labour candidate for tomorrow’s GLA election give a clear indication as to his support for this matter as it’s crucial that this will be sorted as it will save lives. With a Labour MP, majority council and perhaps a Labout GLA member, have we got some hope of finally getting this sorted?
commented 2016-04-28 07:31:38 +0100
I have been sending this:- Hi,

Do you have any jurisdiction over water levels at Fairlop Waters lake in the London Borough of Redbridge? People who use the lake for sailing and windsurfing feel that the lake, between the inlet (from Hainault Forest) to the outfall (to Seven Kings Water) is silting up causing reduced depth in places. Also, and I have no idea who would be responsible for maintenance, there is a significant tree growing in the concrete retaining wall for the outfall. ( Thames Water?)

Getting back to the silting up, presumably the silting up could reduce the ability of the lake to “hold back” the water at times of heavy rainfall and affect flood protection downstream…..who knows? I would appreciate it if you could redirect my message to an appropriate authority if it turns out not to be you.

Thank you for your time,

Chris iRoper


Do you have any jurisdiction over water levels at Fairlop Waters lake in the London Borough of Redbridge? People who use the lake for sailing and windsurfing feel that the lake, between the inlet (from Hainault Forest) to the outfall (to Seven Kings Water) is silting up causing reduced depth in places. Also, and I have no idea who would be responsible for maintenance, there is a significant tree growing in the concrete retaining wall for the outfall. ( Thames Water?)

Getting back to the silting up, presumably the silting up could reduce the ability of the lake to “hold back” the water at times of heavy rainfall and affect flood protection downstream…..who knows? I would appreciate it if you could redirect my message to an appropriate authority if it turns out not to be you.

Thank you for your time,

Chris iRoper

…..for a couple of weeks now and also completing the Environment Agency online query form. I haven’t even had an acknowledgement let alone a reply. Are you in a position to gee them up a bit?
commented 2016-03-05 13:17:00 +0000
Hi Wes i have housing problem goes on since 3-4 month and I been seen one of your secretary in woodford bridge this matter getting effecting my son’s school attendance everyday and also my little daughter.
commented 2016-02-06 16:48:57 +0000
I live at Aztec House ,Tomswood Hill and the refuse collection was not done last week because of an UNKNOWN car illegaly parked in the way of the refuse entrance.It is now a health hazard with ALL six bins are overflowing and we have been told that the bins will not be emptied until next wednesday.Please can you help us?
commented 2016-01-21 11:04:35 +0000
In the last 2 weeks I have rang the council 3 times and once to the enforcement team complaining about the fly tipping towards the back end of my side wall foxes have been through a couple of bags and someone dumped raw chicken meat along with other rubbish, but no one seems to be taking notice of this, the other day rats were seen going through the meat.

Could someone be kind enough to look into this.

commented 2016-01-15 16:25:46 +0000
refuse collection. Once again my bin not emptied. At side of my corner house, roy gardens/oaks lane.
commented 2015-11-06 08:15:30 +0000
Flouting building regulations 124 Leyswood Drive
commented 2015-10-22 18:50:47 +0100
18 Neville Road,
Essex 1G6 2LN.
21st October 2015.

Hon.Wes Streeting,

153b Beehive Lane,


IG4 5Dx

Dear Sir,

Re: Urgent General Enquiry

My Son, Joseph Serumu is currently in Prison for some allegations and he is under threat to be deported to Uganda.

Due to his Gay status and the problems I am having, I need an appointment with our MP Hon. Wes Streeting to discuss this urgent matter and see the way forward.

Please contact me by Phone: 07947991566 or on my Address: 18 Neville Road, Ilford, Essex 1G6 2LN.

I await your reply.

Yours faithfully,

Ms. Florence Namuwonge
commented 2015-09-04 21:09:28 +0100
Complaint about Redbridge council uncaring attitude towards the damage and smells following water leak,on Wednesday,no 1 admitted responsibility and helping there tennants,its an absolute disgusting 😞 and this needs responding to and resolved and actioned.
commented 2015-05-07 17:10:42 +0100
There is no proper service and responsibility at King George. They just book wrong appointments and when you go there they say we dont need that appointment . its all completely mess.
commented 2015-03-30 16:30:27 +0100

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